Thursday, 15 June 2017

International election mission to observe Catalan referendum


Barcelona (ACN).- The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transparency, Raül Romeva, revealed in a radio interview on Thursday that the October 1 referendum on Catalan independence will be observed by an international team of observers. A delegation of international experts will supervise the vote and validate its results. The minister refused to give further details about this group until the law that has to sustain the referendum is made public. In any case, he affirmed that the referendum will be conducted according to international standards, following what is reasonable and coherent from a democratic point of view. He also insisted that the Government is open to additional observers who want to supervise the functioning of the vote.

The Catalan minister explained that the observation team will be comprised of experts from different fields, from jurists to international journalists and lawmakers, who will supervise how the referendum is celebrated. “We want to hold the vote accompanied by international representatives,” Romeva said.

On the other hand, Romeva reported that the recently-created register of Catalans living abroad will facilitate their participation in the referendum. There are more than 200,000 citizens from Catalonia who live outside the country. The Minister insisted that the Government is delivering on its strong commitment to resolve the problems experienced by Catalans living abroad in previous elections.

He did not specify how the executive plans to avoid complications with the vote abroad during the referendum, but admitted that an alternative way to the current system, which is now managed by Spain, would have to be found. “We will do everything we can to make sure that everybody can vote in the same conditions that they have had up to the present, while being careful not to risk the validity and the recognition of the referendum,” the minister added.

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  • The Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transparency, Raul Romeva (by Rafa Garrido)