Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mas, Ortega and Rigau could show the world “how weak democracy is in Spain”


Barcelona (CNA).- The Constitutional Court’s decision to ban from public office the political figures responsible for the 9-N symbolic vote on independence, which took place in 2014, proves the Spanish State’s “phobia of democracy”, stated Catalan Government Spokeswoman, Neus Munté. In a press conference this Tuesday, Munté expressed her “disconformity” regarding the sentences against former Catalan President Artur Mas, former Vice President Joana Ortega and former Catalan Minister for Education Irene Rigau for allowing the non-binding consultation but assured that the Government counts on them “to explain” to the world “how weak democracy is in Spain”. According to Munté, fining and banning Mas, Ortega and Rigau from public office “confirms the Spanish State’s absolute lack of willingness to find a political solution” to Catalonia’s aspirations.

“The sentence turns [Mas, Ortega and Rigau] into the best example of what is going on in Spain and what we know raises concerns in Europe” said Munté, “who could be better than them to explain in first person how weak democracy is in Spain”, she added. Munté refused “to consider normal what is not”, referring to the sentence over the 9-N symbolic vote and assured that the decision “is malevolent, since it condemns putting out the ballot boxes and ballot boxes can’t be tried”.

Munté also used the opportunity to insist on the Government’s determination to call a referendum in September. “It is an unalterable priority” she emphasised. “Despite yesterday’s sentences and those which may eventually come, we keep our willingness to reach agreements and dialogue with a Spanish State which has so far responded through threats, slamming doors and bans”, she lamented and added that the Government’s response to the court’s sentence will be “showing enthusiasm towards democracy and its exercise” by calling a referendum.

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  • Former Catalan President, Artur Mas, former Catalan Vice-president, Joana Ortega and former Catalan Minister for Education, Irene Rigau, before entering Barcelona's High Court (by ACN)