Sant Jordi 2016

Close up of a rose with 'Castellers of London' on the background (by ACN)

24.04.16 - 21:09

Catalan and British culture mix in London in Sant Jordi celebrations

Sant Jordi is not only both Catalonia’s and England’s patron saint but also one of the Catalans’ most beloved traditions, which has been exported internationally and coincides with UNESCO World Book Day on the...

Readers trying to find a book in a stall in Barcelona during Sant Jordi (by ACN)

23.04.16 - 20:27

Huge crowds celebrate love and culture in Catalonia

The festivity of Sant Jordi, one of the most romantic and anticipated days of the year for many Catalans, was a success. Hundreds of thousands of people headed to the streets this Saturday in search of a book and a rose for their loved ones....
Carles Puigdemont during his speech on the occasion of Sant Jordi (by J. Bedmar)

23.04.16 - 09:35

Puigdemont: “Sant Jordi serves to vindicate the Catalan language and culture”

The Catalan President said during his speech on the occasion of Sant Jordi that the festivity is an opportunity to have the voices of the Catalans “heard and respected”, and he urged to achieve this through “arguments, proposals, dialogue...
Close-up of some books recommended for this Sant Jordi (by ACN)

21.04.16 - 19:47

Sant Jordi's Day: Book recommendations

Sant Jordi’s Day is not only a huge festival for Catalonia, but for the printing and publishing industry as well. Annually, book sales during the festival weekend contribute between 5 and 8 percent of yearly...

A man drinking Cava during Sant Jordi's celebration at London's Borough Market (by ACN)

20.04.16 - 11:10

Sant Jordi to be celebrated in nearly 150 cities worldwide

People all over the world celebrate one of Catalonia’s most beloved festivals, Sant Jordi’s Day, in different ways. This year, over 40 countries have planned well over 100 activities throughout the week of the 23rd of...

Close-up of a rose, one of the symbols of Sant Jordi's Day (by ACN)

19.04.16 - 19:19

Sant Jordi on the 23rd of April, one of Catalonia’s most beloved days

Since the 15th century, Catalonia has been celebrating the feast day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) on the 23rd of April. Each year, people flock to the streets to celebrate this Catalan equivalent to...