Articles tagged with: Pro-independence referendum

The building of the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC) in Madrid (by ACN)

04.04.17 - 16:14

Spanish Court suspends Catalan independence referendum line items from budget

Close-up of the Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont (by ACN)

15.12.16 - 18:29

Puigdemont: “We will vote, debate and hold meetings”

Spanish Constitutional Court's building, in Madrid (by ACN)

14.12.16 - 14:02

Spanish Court suspends Parliament’s plan for pro-independence referendum

Aerial shot of the pro-independence demonstration during Catalonia's National Day in 2016 (by ACN)

19.12.16 - 14:58

85% of Catalans in favour of calling a referendum according to latest poll

USB stick and tablet containing 2017 budget (by ACN)

29.11.16 - 14:23

Government budget for 2017 allocates €5.8 M for pro-independence referendum

Image of the ballot boxes used on the 9th of November symbolic vote on independence, in 2014

15.11.16 - 14:15

2017 budget to include allocation for pro-independence referendum

Pro-independence flags during 'Via Lliure' rally on last Catalonia's National Day (by ACN)

09.12.16 - 18:16

Summit to organise independence referendum to be held on 23 December

Close up of the Catalan Vice President and Minister for Economy, Oriol Junqueras (by ACN)

09.12.16 - 14:28

Junqueras to advance pro-independence referendum depending on Spanish decisions towards Catalonia