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A kid putting a ballot into a ballot box (by ACN)

05.04.16 - 18:25

Government to promote electronic voting from abroad within three months

Image of PSOE's Federal Committee with Pedro Sánchez at the forefront (by ACN)

28.12.15 - 14:44

PSOE won’t negotiate “Spain’s territorial integrity”

Image of 'Congreso de los Diputados', the Spanish Parliament (by ACN)

04.12.15 - 12:28

Spain's electoral campaign starts with Catalonia's independence in the spotlight

Detail of a ballot box (by ACN)

25.09.15 - 19:57

27-S elections: Everything ready for a historic day

Catalans in Washington DC (by ANC)

25.09.15 - 18:50

Many Catalans abroad won’t be able to vote

Aerial shot of the pro-independence demonstration during Catalonia's National Day in 2016 (by ACN)

19.12.16 - 14:58

85% of Catalans in favour of calling a referendum according to latest poll

Election posters in Macedonia, before the early parliamentary elections to take place on the 11th of December (by DIPLOCAT)

09.12.16 - 14:44

DIPLOCAT to observe parliamentary elections in Macedonia

USB stick and tablet containing 2017 budget (by ACN)

29.11.16 - 14:23

Government budget for 2017 allocates €5.8 M for pro-independence referendum

Detail of a ballot box (by ACN)

11.11.16 - 14:56

European Parliament calls on Spanish Government to review voting system for residents abroad

CUP's leader, Antonio Baños next to CUP's MP, Gabriela Serra at the party's National Debate this Sunday (by ACN)

30.11.15 - 14:56

CUP general assembly maintain their veto against Artur Mas

Catalan president Artur Mas during his interview with the Catalan public radio (by ACN)

05.09.13 - 17:07

“Plebiscite” election in 2016 if Spain refuses to allow a referendum in Catalonia

Voter casting their vote at a polling station (by ACN)

18.01.17 - 18:42

Government to guarantee electronic referendum vote for those living abroad

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